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    RF Transistor
    2SC Series (Toshiba, MIT)
    BLF Series (NXP, Philip)
    D*UK/DMD Series (SemeLAB)
    DU Series (MA-COM)
    MRF Series (MA-COM, MOTO)
    MS Series (Mircorsemi, APT)
    VRF Series (Mircorsemi, APT)
    Other Series
    HOT Sales
    HG ROHS Certification
    ISO 9001 Certification
    Propagation Formulas
    Power Conversion Tab
    Max Voltage&Frequecy
    About us

    Huagao Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a Chinese high-tech company which has passed the standard attestation of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. We focus on the R & D and manufacturing of RF power transistors including related ceramic packages. We boast the manufacturing history of RF power transistors for 20 years. We are well-known in China...



    TINMAN AMP uses HG 2SC2879
    HG 2SC2904 Used in IC725
    HG MRF477 Feedback From USA User
    HG FA641TB applied in Long March III Carrier Rocket
    HG MRF477 used in 40W HF amplifier
    HG FA431 applied in aerial refueling
    Contact us

    Email: North@hgsemi.com
    Head Quarter: +86-510-81023902

    We improved our sales price uniformed as follows from 1st,July, 2021
    HG 2SC2879:+2.0 USD each
    HG 2SC2290:+1.7 USD each
    HG SD1446:  +1.5 USD each
    HG 2SC2879C: +0 USD each


    WUXI Huago(HG) Semiconductor Co., Ltd.(無錫市華高微電子有限公司) Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved(版權所有). ICP number(ICP 編號): 蘇ICP備11030609號
    Address:6th Floor, 20# Building, 53 Xiuxi Rd, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China; Postcode: 214122
    Tel: +86-510-81023902 +86-755-61285520  Fax:+86-510-81023909

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